Ali’s Homepage
Ali’s Homepage

Ali’s Homepage

Welcome to my page on the internet! It’s lovely to have you here.

You’ll find various links below, but first a little about me:
  • I am a Bay Area native and currently live in Berkeley, CA USA with my wonderful wife and three beautiful kids.
  • Professionally, for 25 years I’ve used technology and process excellence to build great products and teams across multiple industries, with a particular focus on scaling high growth companies.
  • Personally, I strive to live a meaningful life by making as a big a positive impact I can in the world. I also love the arts, and find joy in creating and sharing things that bring joy to others.

☎️ Contact info

📧 Email Address:
📱 Phone Number: +1 415 298 1420

👨🏾‍💻 Professional Info

I’ve mostly worked in startups, being part of the founding teams for 4 different firms and spending over 5 years at each. I’ve held multiple C-level titles (CTO, CXO, CSO, COO), helped raise billions of dollars, and been a key stakeholder in taking multiple companies public. I’ve led teams big and small, and taken multiple products from 0 to 1 and beyond.
I recently left my latest startup and, after taking some time off, and now actively looking for my next project. Hit me up if you think there could be something we can work on together!

👤 LinkedIn Profile

📜 Resume


🎼 Music Info

I’ve played music my whole life and find particular joy in exploring the intersections of genres across continents. For the last 10 years my main outlet has been as a DJ and Producer at KALX 90.7fm, the volunteer run radio station on the UC Berkeley campus. There, I have founded multiple shows and interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs and artists as part of my work in the Public Affairs department.

📻 KALX DJ page

🎧 Mixcloud page

🎸 Jedi of Rock (our family band 😀)


📖 Publishing

I have published two books - one a fictionalization of an around-the-world trip I completed during the aftermath of 9/11/2001, and the other as editor of a cookbook in tribute to my mother, who passed away in November of 2022.

🌍 Five Pillars: A Journey Through the Modern Muslim World

🔪 Naz’s Dastarkhan: Home-cooked Favorites from a Pakistani Kitchen


🏞️ Non-Profit Work

For the last 9 years I have served on the board of Pogo Park, a local non-profit in Richmond CA that is focused on transforming lives through transforming public spaces.